The Problem of Hell - The Problem of God

On May 1, 2018

Find all of the Problem of God message in video, audio, and text here:http://www.faithinchandler.com/theproblemofgod/Read more

*Bonus* The Problem of Hypocrisy - The Problem of God

On April 24, 2018

This bonus message in the Problem of God series was preached in the 6:00 PM Sunday evening service. Find all the messages from this series here: http://www.faithinchandler.com/theproblemofgod/Read more

The Problem of Exclusivity - The Problem of God

On April 16, 2018

  Find the notes, video, and audio for this message at:http://www.faithinchandler.com/theproblemofgod/the-problem-of-exclusivity/ There was some really tragic news this past February.   JNCO Jeans are going out of business. If you don’t remember JNCO, let me show you a picture of the jeans they were known for…   These were a hit in the late 90’s.   They were a fad, honestly I was amazed to learn that they were still in business. When I heard they were going out of business I was actually prettyRead more

The Problem of Science - The Problem of God

On April 9, 2018

  Here’s a typical scenario that plays out at our house. I’m asleep and Nicole says to me, did you hear that noise? What was that?   Now when we were first married I’d spring out of bed and go see. Now I respond with, “huh? I didn’t hear anything. You’re hearing things…” If she persists then I’ll say, “It’s nothing.”   Why? Because I’m tired and I’m half asleep.   Somewhere in between the beginning when I’d go check like some kind of ninja and now where I basically just roll over and fall back iRead more

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