D6 Classes

D6 Classes: 9:30am Sunday Mornings

D6 is a designed to help families obey Deuteronomy 6:6 & 7, which call parents to speak of the truths & works of God with their children.

All of our D6 classes follow the same theme each Sunday so each member of the family is covering the same Biblical Truth. While the depth of the Toddlers varies from the study that mom and dads are in, the theme is consistent. We hope this leads to family conversation about the truths of scripture because everyone is on the same page.

These classes are offered just before our morning worship services because we’ve found that to be a convenient time for the entire family to participate.


Splink is a companion resource to our D6 Classes. Sent out as a weekly email, Splink contains ways to link activities for the family to the theme from the previous Sunday. This resource gives families easy, fun, and meaningful activities to reinforce the truths and elements from the previous week’s class.

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