The Gospel of John

Jesus’ closest friend wrote down a record of Jesus’ life, ministry, teaching, death, and resurrection. We’ll make our way through this entire book, from beginning to end following Easter. Palm Sunday and Easter will serve as introductions to this powerful book.

Overview Video

  • 4/14 – Palm Sunday – Crown Him – John 12

    Easter changes everything, but Palm Sunday shows us HOW.
    The throne was His, but He walked past it to the cross. He deserved a crown but He wore the thorns. He did not die as a mere martyr or a fallen King. He died as the ultimate, cosmic, and final payment for the sin of mankind. No man, martyr, or king could do that- only the Son God could.

  • 4/21 – Easter – Easter Changes Everything – John 20 & 21

    Jesus appears to the terrified disciples and His first words are, Peace be with you. He then empowers them to carry the good news to the world. This is the beginning of the transformation of all things, of all things being made new, of everything receiving new life.

  • 4/28 –Before the Beginning – John 1:1-13

    Jesus was no man sent from God, He was God as a man.
    He created all that we see, including us. He made us and then came to buy us back.

  • 5/5 –John the Baptist – John 1:14-34

    John the Baptist is extraordinary because of the location, the manner, and the substance of his testimony.

  • 5/12 –The Call of Discipleship – John 1:35-49

    The first chapter closes with the origin story of the very first core group, the disciples. Jesus could see their past and knew their potential. He invited them to follow Him because He knew His own power to lead them into their calling.

  • 5/19 –Generous Jesus – John 2:1-12

    Jesus didn’t change the water into wine because He had to, but because He could. That’s generosity.

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