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No relationship is perfect. Whether you are dating or you’ve been married for 40 years, there’s room for improvement and there’s something you could learn about love and relationships.

The Generous Life

Everyone is in pursuit of the good life, everyone is in pursuit of the appealing lifestyle that is portrayed in marketing, ads, and media.The good life is not found in what we can get,
the good life is based upon what we can give.
The generous life is the good life!

Happy New You!

We kicked off 2015 with these message on becoming a “Happy New You” because more than we want to wish you a happy new year, we want to talk to you about becoming a Happy. New. You. 

Church Hurts

Because churches are made up of broken people, there are many broken churches that have left followers of Jesus hurt, rejected, and even abused.
If you have walked away from church feeling hurt we invite you to experience the grace, hope, and restoration that Jesus intended the church to provide.

The Corinthians

Over the course of many weeks in 2016 we covered this intense letter from Paul to the Christians in Corinth. Because they had a host of problems just like us and the culture they found themselves in was hostile to the truth just like ours, we found many lessons to learn in this study..


We rise to follow rise to follow Jesus out of the loop we’ve been stuck in and onto an unknown terrain where he will guide us to new mountain heights and walk alongside us in the valleys that are in between.


Few people set out to ruin their marriage, run off someone they love, or lose their friends.
However, it happens.
People grow apart, passions cool, friends become distant, and the relationships SLIP away.

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