The Problem of God

Because we want you to have HOPE, we’ve prepared a series of messages on the “Problem of God” to build your FAITH. These messages will answer your skepticism and ease your doubts.

If you have a lot of questions and doubts, no problem. If you are skeptic, you are invited!
Faith and skepticism can coexist.
In fact, they have to both be present in every person.
No one believes EVERYTHING they hear, it’s not even possible.

Whether you struggle with belief or know that your faith could be stronger, you’ll benefit from these messages because as your faith gets stronger your hope grows!

Links to the video, audio, and notes from each message will be posted here:

Introduction: Hope is Built Upon Faith -Easter 2018 Message
Hope is powerful, but hope alone is fragile. It can easily be swept away by dificulty and adversity. HOPE built upon FAITH is powerful and resilient. We want you to have HOPE, so let us build your FAITH.
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Message 1: The Problem of Science – 4/8/2018
The debate of Faith vs Science has been framed in a very particular way. We’ll show you a few misconceptions that have resulted from that framing, demonstrate that Faith and Science aren’t in opposition but make great partners, and that science points us beyond physics and cosmology to some divine agency and design.
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Message 2: The Problem of Exclusivity – 4/15/2018
Aren’t Christians just narrow-minded bigots when it comes to other religions? Culture says there are many paths to God. Christianity claims Jesus alone is the way. How can Jesus be the only way?
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Message 3: The Problem of Sex – 4/22/2018
Wait, what? I thought this was about believing in God. Why are we talking about sex!? One of the main reasons people balk at Christianity is because of what scripture teaches about sex. So what is the deal with sex? Why does God seem so uptight about it? Or are we just getting it wrong? Let’s go there.

Message 4: The Problem of Hell – 4/29/2018
For many people the topic of Hell is personal and emotional. It’s hard to think about logically because of the emotions that come along with it. Join us for this message for a straight forward look about what Christianity believes and teaches about hell.

Message 5: The Problem of Pain & Suffering – 5/6/2018
People ask “IF God is good and if God is all-powerful, why is there suffering?”
Every worldview has to answer that question. Christianity has a very different kind of answer.

Bonus Message: The Problem of Hypocrisy – 4/22/2018 (6:OO PM Service)
Whether it’s the TV preacher consumed with money or the guy at work who never practices what he preaches (and he preaches a lot), why do so many Christians who look nothing like Jesus? This is one of the top objections people have to faith, so let’s talk about it in this special bonus message in the evening service.

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