3 Reasons You Should Join Us On Christmas Eve

  • ┬áBeautiful Music

Sure you’ve heard Christmas music on the radio for the past several weeks, but have you had a chance to enjoy the songs of this wonderful season yet? We’ll be playing some classic Christmas standards that you might just want to sing along with and some newer meaningful songs that will speak to your soul. Our guitarists, piano player, and vocalists are looking forward to Christmas Eve, and we don’t want you to miss it.

  • Meaningful, Calm Moments

Christmas is about Peace and Joy, but sometimes it feels like it’s about Stress and Pressure. Taking 40 minutes to slow down, sing songs, and listen to the Christmas story with your family in a candle light service will slow everything down. Attend our Christmas Eve service and give your family a few moments of serenity away from all of the noise and hustle of the holiday gatherings to remember that Christmas really is about Peace and Joy.

  • Glow Sticks for Kids

Nothing is peaceful about kids handling fire. If you’re worried your youngster is not ready for the responsibility of a candle, we’ll give him or her a glow stick. We’ve noticed kids like glow sticks, and they love glow sticks in church. This is a memorable and meaningful event that your entire family can enjoy together.

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