When Jesus established the church He envisioned a gathering place for believers that would overcome evil, a church that would prevail against the very gates of hell.

Unfortunately we often experience something quite different from the ideal Jesus envisioned and the apostle gave their lives to plant and shape. Because churches are made up of broken people, there are many broken churches that have left followers of Jesus hurt, rejected, and even abused.

If you have walked away from church we invite you to experience the grace, hope, and restoration that Jesus intended the church to provide. Check out these messages from our church hurts series.

Message 1: Rejected but Saved.

Sometimes the crowd around Jesus prevents people from getting to Jesus.This message looks at how Zacchaeus was judged and rejected by the very people who should have helped him. Thankfully Jesus reached out to Zacchaeus despite the crowd.

Message 2: Abandoned but Thankful

Sadly, many people find themselves abandoned by the very people they have served. Paul had served and ministered with many people in the church, but in Paul’s hour of need no one stood with him. He was all alone. Thankfully, though no one else showed up Jesus was there with Paul through the worst.