Paul and Barnabas travelled up into the mountainous terrain of Galatia to spread the gospel and establish churches. Years later Paul would write a letter to all the churches and converts of the region. They were spread out in rural villages, towns, and cities. They were connected by the gospel.

Message 1: Authenticity > Accomplishment (7/30/17)

Message 2: Man’s Opinion vs God’s Truth (8/6/17)

Message 3: The Importance of the Gospel (8/13/17)

Message 4: Faith in Christ Alone (8/20/17)

Message 5: This Path of Faith (8/27/17)

Message 6: No Longer Slaves (9/3/17)

Message 7: Love, Truth, and Grace (9/10/17)

Message 8: Free Indeed (9/17/17)

Message 9: Life with the Holy Spirit (9/24/17)