More than we want to wish you a happy new year, we want to talk to you about becoming a Happy. New. You. The best way to experience a Happy New Year is to become a new you, so we kicked off 2015 with these message on becoming a “Happy New You.”

Message 1 – Weapons of Mass Transformation

The most important factor in your life right now is not any of that new stuff you got for Christmas. It is not your job. It’s not even your friends. The most important factor in your life right now is the redemption of your life.

Message 2 – Grace for Mind & Body

If you are like most other people, your new year’s resolutions look pretty similar to last years. And the year before. Even though we’ve made many resolutions, the issue has never been resolved. Even though we’ve committed to do something new, we are stuck with the same old struggles.
This message covers areas that you haven’t focused on for growth AND practical God given wisdom on how to actually make progress on the resolutions and commitments we’ve made multiple times before.

Message 3 – Spiritual & Social Transformation

Perhaps you would like to make some resolutions for other people in your life. You’ve got a list of resolutions you’d like to see your spouse adopt. You’ve got a list of resolutions you wish your kids would keep.
Maybe you’re thinking that the main things that need to change in your life are the people in your life. Not that you necessarily want to exchange them for different people, but you would like to change them.
This message covers the change God wants to make in us and the impact it has on all of our relationships