Jonah was a mess. Upon reading the story of Jonah, you’re tempted to ask “is he the worst prophet ever!?”
Most people know about the Big Fish that swallowed Jonah. While the big fish plays an important role in the book, the fish is not the star of this narrative. God is. The Big Fish appears in 3 pivotal verses, but our Big Gracious God is on display in every verse. Showing grace to a mess up like you and me.

Messages in our study of Paul’s writings to the Corinthians will be listed here as they are posted:

Message 1: Worst Prophet Ever? (2/11/18)

Message 2: Pagan Believers & Religious Doubters (2/18/18)

Message 3: It’s Never Too Late To Pray (2/25/18)

Message 4: It’s Never Too Late To Pray (3/4/18)

Message 5: The Heart of the Matter (3/11/18)

Message 6: The End (3/18/18)