CroppedWe’re spending 2 weeks celebrating our church- 
what God has done and what he’s going to do!

Find the text, audio, and video of each message in the series in the links below:

Message 1: We are THAT Church (1/29)

Sometimes I’m asked, “are you guys that church with the crazy Christmas suit?” or “was your church the one with the inflatable dinosaur costume!?” I enjoy responding, “Yes. We are THAT church. In this message we looked at the new group that Jesus established upon the core truth of the gospel and the fact that we are THAT church.

Message 2: Vision Sunday 2016 (2/5)

When the church lifted off in Acts 2, it was made up of former fisherman, farmers, and felons. These people had been given a new purpose- to spread the gospel and a new plan- to build the church.