The Old Rugged Cross is a classic hymn that points to the place where Christ died and sin was conquered. It seems paradoxical that Christians would “love that old cross” where their Savior died, but when we realize that what Christ suffered on the cross, He suffered for us the cross takes on a whole new light.

There’s another old song of the cross, so old that it was written a thousand years before Christ was even born. Even though Psalm 22¬†was written by David long before Christ came, you would think he was there that day because of the details he includes.

We’ll spend 3 services looking at the Old Rugged Cross in Psalm 22.

“On A Hill Far Away” – Psalm 22:1-5

“A Wondrous Attraction For Me” – Psalm 22:6-10, 22-31

“Stained With Blood So Divine” – Psalm 22:11-18