A Dream Team – Luke 6

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We are currently Rethinking Church- we are trying to sweep the dust of our personal perspectives of church and get back to the original design that Jesus laid out… This is vital because Our mission is building the church our friends and neighbors will join and our children will lead. We are passionate about this mission because the church is the hope of the world. We are not trying to make a name for ourselves. If we are, we are going about it in the absolutely wrong way…We are not building a kingdom of power, influence, money, stuff, or fame…

Only the church brings eternal dividends upon every investment of talent, effort, and resources.

The blueprint for the church we are building is found in God’s Word, lived out by Jesus and his first followers.

Read Luke 10:1-2

“Laborers are few” Jesus then gives them the same instructions he gave to the other disciples about not taking extra food, money, etc. but that God would provide…

But in verse 16 Jesus adds a very powerful and direct statement-  It doesn’t even feel right to read it without my mouth dropping open….

There’s a powerful lesson here…When they return is when we get a 2nd very important lesson…Let’s read the next 3 verse because I want to try and make BOTH of these lessons very clear this morning.

Read Luke 10:17-20

In 1992 there was a Cultural Phenomenon known as the dream team. They were more than a basketball team, they were the greatest sports team ever assembled. It was the first time that pro-athlete were allowed to play for the US olympic basketball team. The team that was assembled was incredibly stacked. They beat their opponents by an average of 44 points. They won the gold, raised the popularity of basketball and the NBA around the country, and cemented an incredible legacy. Most people know that the dream team was very powerful and won easily in the Olympics. Most people don’t know that they had 1 loss. When the team was assembled, Chuck Daly the coach scheduled a scrimmage against a squad of college basketball players who would most resemble the European style of play the team would face in the Olympics. They lost.  Coack K, who was the assistant coach and would later lead the US Olympic team himself said he thought the coach threw the match to teach the Dream Team some humility.

You see, what coach Daly knew was that their incredible talent would only be useful if it was complimented by humility and a team spirit. After all, this was a team of all stars. They were all used to being the very best player on their own teams- They would have to share the ball, help one another… Some superstars would have to take on the tasks of a role player.

In Luke 10 we see Jesus teaching the disciples 2 very important and connected lessons.
There’s incredible power and meaning in serving Jesus, but only if we retain a servant’s heart.

So let’s start with that first lesson. This matters. There is incredible power and significance in serving Jesus. Look at what Jesus said in verse 16.I can’t get over it.

He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me.

First of all, can I just tell you how comforting the end of 16 is, he that despiseth you despiseth me- There are some people who don’t like me, and I just can’t understand why cause what’s there not to like about me…

But now it makes sense. It’s not that they don’t like me, they don’t like Jesus! I’m kidding. There are some people who don’t like me because of me. It has nothing to do with Jesus and everything to do with me. Jesus isn’t saying if people like me they’ll like you- Jesus is saying as you go out in my name, when people reject you and your message, when people reject your acts of mercy in my name, they’re rejecting me… Likewise, Jesus isn’t saying that once you’re a Christian everything you say is gospel, rather Jesus is saying when you become a Christian and repeat the gospel, they are hearing Jesus through us.

When I stand up before you, if I don’t constantly point you back to what the Bible is saying, throw me out. But if I am showing you what the scripture says, hear me, because I’m the messenger for someone really important… How significant it this?

Some of you like to namedrop. You do. You like to mention somewhat famous people you know. We knew a family back in Nashville when I was a kid and they used to regularly mention that they were Elvis’ 8th cousins. 8th Cousins. I’m pretty sure I’m 8th cousins with the queen of England. Ok, not really…

When we speak the message of Jesus, we speak for HIM! What we do matters! Sundays Matter! I want to show you a note we got in the offering plate a few months back. This person might be in the congregation today, they might not be, I don’t know.

Let me apologize, I’m sorry if you think that this is important because it matters to me. Sometimes when a volunteer can’t show up, they’re apologetic like they’re letting me down- I don’t need you here, they need you here… I honestly believe that our church is here for a reason, tha

we are on the front lines in a war with evil for the hearts and minds of the people in this community.

and I don’t think it is any accident that you get sick on Sundays and Wednesdays and you have car trouble on Sundays and Wednesdays and that you’re asked to work overtime on Sundays and Wednesdays…

I’m not the kind of guy that thinks there’s a demon behind every bush and in every cough, but I do know that we are in a war here against evil spiritual forces…Here’s what I’ve watched happen, someone you’ve invited to church for months shows up and you’re not here because something just happened or came up… I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Why? Because this matters!

So the disciples come back and they can hardly believe it, they are healing people and casting out demons like Jesus had. The power of God was flowing through them…(Remember why? Jesus connects the power of heaven to us) Jesus rejoices with them- but first he has an important lesson.

He says, I saw Satan fall from heaven. What’s that mean? He’s saying, I knew someone who was powerful and mighty and glorious and they fell from the very presence of God, so be careful here. Now, Jesus is no Debbie downer. He’s not the kind of guy that can find a cloud in every silver lining. But he wants them to be careful. He doesn’t want them to take themselves too seriously.

General Eisenhower once told a sentry “Take your job seriously, not yourself.”

After everything I just said about how important Sundays are, you might think I consider myself pretty important. Nope.  My job is, my role is, but the Lord could replace me tomorrow. I 100% believe that this is where I’m supposed to be and that for a distinct and divine reason, but it’s not because of who I am…

It’s not about me. These guys were fisherman, carpenters, tax collectors. They were ordinary people that God used in extraordinary ways. It wasn’t because they were extraordinary, it was because Jesus is extraordinary. Why do we like to name drop, why do we want to get likes on our pictures online, why do we want to be known? Because we want to know that we matter or that we are important, that we have significance.

I had a teacher who told me that I was one of her favorite students. Then I found out she told everyone that…

There is no better path to significance than this one, serving Jesus and doing what were built for and gifted for…. Someone recently told me that I need to put away my silly suits. That if I want to be taken seriously, I need to take myself seriously. You see I’ve got a few suits that I’ve worn for special events we’ve done at the church. NO THANKS.

I am a nobody just trying to tell everybody about somebody.

How do we take this seriously without taking ourselves too seriously? How do we stay focused on the mission without making the same mistake Satan did?

We do not rejoice in what we do, but rather we rejoice in what he has done.

We don’t sing songs around here about the great things we have done, we sing songs about what He has done for us! Rejoice that your names are written in the lambs book of life. Rejoice that your sins have been forgiven.

The secret to joy is gratitude, not pride.

If I take my pleasure in life from doing ministry, one day that pleasure will be taken from me.

I will not get to do this for the rest of my life. But I can be thankful my name is written in heaven.