During revival movements of the past, entire towns have been changed, countries have shifted, and/or thousands of churches have sprung up. A “Revival” is when there is movement that can only be classified as a work of God among a group of people. It’s the restoration of the vital flow of the spirit among people, churches, and communities.
“Revival Services” are special series of services for the purpose of seeking God’s work among us.
We set aside time to ask God to begin anew His work in our hearts, our church, and our community, and we’ve invited 5 guest speakers to bring us a different message from God’s Word at each service.
Below you will find the video and audio of each revival message.

Prologue:  “Revival Starts in Us” – Psalm 51 (3/12)

Sunday 10:30 AM Service – Jamie Lee

Sunday 6:00 PM Service – Tim Hall

Monday 7:00 PM Service – Corey Minter

Tuesday 7:00 PM Service – Ernie Lewis

Wednesday 7:00 PM Service – Danny Greene