In 2017 we rise. 

We rise to our calling to change the world – starting in our own city. 
We rise to our purpose of bringing God glory – starting in our own hearts.

We rise to follow rise to follow Jesus out of the loop we’ve been stuck in and onto an unknown terrain where he will guide us to new mountain heights and walk alongside us in the valleys that are in between. 

We rise to the challenge of becoming of who God created us to be. 

Join us in 2017 as we RISE.

Find the text, audio, and video of each message in the series in the links below:

Message 1: We RISE in the power of the resurrection.

The most important thing in this life is knowing Jesus because knowing Jesus changes everything and makes us right or whole by God’s standard (and that’s a pretty high standard). Paul said in Philippians 3 that he set everything aside so that he could focus on knowing Jesus and the power of Jesus’ resurrection. If we are going to RISE in must be in that power.

Message 2: We RISE through the application of the gospel.

Coming to know Jesus is not the finish line but the starting line. The righteousness of God that Jesus gives us means that we are immediately forgiven but we are not immediately changed. There is work to do in our hearts and minds which will bring transformation. The work is done through the application of the gospel in our lives.


Message 3: We RISE Together as the Church.

God has given US a calling. It’s a dream that we share and journey we take together. We are to RISE together by lifting one another up and challenging one another to take our walk with Christ higher. We need the power of Christ in our lives and we need the fellowship of others to keep us focused.

Message 4: We RISE to celebrate the glory of God’s power and grace.

God loves a good party. In fact, He commands His people to celebrate on many occasions and the parties had pretty clear guidelines on just how epic they were supposed to be. Just as the crowd rises to their feet to applaud a great performance, we will be driven to RISE in celebration when we look at God’s power and grace.