small-yet-full-of-light-001Small Towns are different from the big cities in strange and charming ways. If you’re from a small town you can identify with Jesus because He was born in the small town of Bethlehem.
While Bethlehem was small and broken and dark, the light of the world came to Bethlehem to restore us all.


Message 1 – Too Little but Not Too Late
Your life might be messed up and you might feel like a nobody, but Jesus wants to show up in your life this Christmas.
According to Micah, Bethlehem was too small to be numbered among the cities and clans and Bethlehem was broken like the rest of Judah. However, Bethlehem wasn’t too small or broken to welcome the Savior of the world.

Message 2 – Small Yet Full of Light
Our world is a dark place because of evil AND an ignorance of how to deal with evil, but Christ’s arrival brings us the light that saves us.
Isaiah pointed out that Israel was in the dark and looking in all the wrong places for the light, but God would send them the light to save them from the darkness.

Message 3 – Small Town, Big Impact
God’s called you to a specific place with an important message and when you play your role you make a big impact.
Bethlehem was a small town which made it possible for a few shepherds to cause a huge stir when they started spreading some incredible news.
*Coming December 18th*

Message 4 –  Small Town, Major Destination
*Coming Christmas Eve and Christmas Day*