Have you ever felt stuck?

Whether because of our own decisions, the decisions of others, or circumstances outside of our  control we all find ourselves stuck in situations we’d like to break out of and ruts we no longer want to call home.

This series is a look at 4 figures in the Old Testament who were stuck, but were freed from their circumstances and overcame their situations through faith in God.

Message 1: Joseph wasn’t stuck, he was sent!

Joseph found himself enslaved and imprisoned though he did nothing wrong. Throughout the whole ordeal Joseph maintained his integrity because it was based upon his faith, not his circumstances. This same faith gave him perspective to see that God had used all of the evil around him for good.

Message 2: Ruth wasn’t stuck, she was redeemed!

Ruth & Naomi seemed to have the worst luck. It seemed as if the whole world and God himself was against them, but in truth God was up to something good even when they couldn’t see it.