The Bible is ever powerful ancient truth, so our sermon series on the Bible will cover how we know it is true and how we come to experience it’s power. We are blessed to have the ever powerful ancient truth of God available to us. We are able to carry it with us in our hands, read it on our phones, and even bury deep into our thoughts and motivations.

12/29 – How We Got The Bible

To prepare us for our new series on the Bible, Pastor Eric gives us a better understanding of how we came to have the Bible in our hands.

1/5 – Why We Read The Bible

Most people think the Bible is important, but we fail to believe the Bible is most important so we fail to make time to read the Bible. The Bible is most important because it is the words of God that point us to Jesus.

1/12 – How We Read The Bible

The Bible is a book for the common man. You do not need a college degree or specialized training to benefit from the Bible, however these practical steps will help you go deeper, faster in your understanding of the Bible.

1/19 – How We Apply The Bible

The Bible is more than a collection of inspirational quotes and powerful statements to help with some areas of life. The Bible is a grand work of literature built upon layers and layers of ancient truth. This truth is not for personal or partial interpretation, but a holistic and full application.

1/26 – Why We Study The Bible Together

The Bible is not a choose your own adventure book that leads all of us on a personal and private journey of discovery. Instead, it’s a book that leads each individual toward a corporate redemption of all things. God has called us to study this truth together and work together to share this truth with those who do not yet know it.


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